Speed survey in Hesket Newmarket

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A speed survey was undertaken in early September with counters at the following locations:

Site 1 – Near Hesket Hall 220907ATC-C2055-Hesket-Newmarket-Site-1-Wigton

Site 2 – Outside Oak View 220907ATC-C2055-Hesket-Newmarket-Site-2-Wigton

Site 3 – The Green 220907ATC-C2055-Hesket-Newmarket-Site-3-Wigton

Site 4 – How Beck Bridge 220907ATC-C2055-Hesket-Newmarket-Site-4-Wigton

Site 5 – How Beck Lodge 220907ATC-C2055-Hesket-Newmarket-Site-5-Wigton

The reports for each of the sites can be viewed using the links.