Hesket Newmarket Pond

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In recent years, the pond area has become overgrown and neglected. The Parish Council now owns Hesket Newmarket village greens, including the pond and would like to make improvements to the pond area, to restore it as a place which is good for wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Hesket Newmarket pond tend to dry up in summer and becomes a ‘scrape’. However, with careful management the pond/scrape could provide a semi-wetland habitat which would support a variety of species whether full of water or in the drier seasons.

The pond area is surrounded by a fence, which is in need of repair.

The initial intention is to scope detailed work covering the following:

Tree Work

  • Tidying and removing some of the overgrown and overshadowing trees which block light from the pond, and those which are interfering with the neighbouring wall and buildings.

Pond work

  • Digging out the pond to regain depth by removing accumulated stone and silt
  • Repairing the dam and outfall.

Fencing work

  • Renewing the fence to preserve the pond from intensive livestock grazing and for the safety of residents and visitors.

Any comments and suggestions would be very much welcomed. Please do let Alison Young Poole or Paul Graham have your thoughts by 31 August. They can be contacted on ayounghesketnm@gmail.com or paul@cumbriabusinessconsultancy.co.uk