4G Superfast Broadband is Coming to Our Area

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Northern Fells Broadband Newsletter 21 March 2013

We are delighted to announce that later this year, and following on from trials in Threlkeld, EE will offer a 4G superfast broadband service on a permanent commercial basis in the Northern Fells area. EE’s plan is to offer a 4G mobile and fixed-replacement service giving homes and businesses consistent 4G speeds between 8-12Mbps; the service will be powered by mobile technology rather than copper or fibre. The company will invest over £1million to upgrade the existing local infrastructure and will continue to fund the on-going running costs of these sites. We have been holding discussions with EE for some time and understand that the company expects the wireless broadband service to be available to customers from the third quarter of this year. We are working with EE to establish exactly which properties will be able to access the service and to decide appropriate price plans from those nationally available. The service will provide a broadband service to 84% of the population of the area and whilst this will be disappointing for the remaining 16% it is a tremendous step in the right direction. The availability of the service will be based on the vicinity of the masts which EE currently owns and which will be upgraded to deliver the 4G service. Research suggests that we will need 3 further masts in our region to offer 100% broadband coverage and we will continue to work to seek funding for these. You can now pre-register to join the commercial pilot scheme for high speed 4G broadband, provided by EE, by visiting the Northern Fells Broadband website: www.northernfellsbroadband.co.uk Registration to this project will enable you to receive information on availability, dates, prices etc. and keep you informed as to how you can take up the service when it goes live; registration does not commit you to any purchase. Please refer to our website below to keep up to date on our progress, and do not hesitate to get in touch with our secretary if you have any queries. You can discover more about EE by visiting www.ee.co.uk Northern Fells Broadband www.northernfellsbroadband.co.uk