Parish News March 2022

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Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 28th March and allotments, street lighting, car parking, Jubilee tree planting and dustbins. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website


The Council reviewed the request from the allotment holders about repairing the fencing. The Council is checking the ownership of the boundary fencing. It was also noted that there was over shading of the allotments by some trees. It was agreed to speak to the owner of the trees with respect to tree safety and a possible reduction in the shading.

Street lighting

The streetlight located on the corner of the Street and the road to Wood Hall was broken. Electricity North West will not reinstall a light on the building as their policy now is not to attach their equipment to private houses. The discussion centred round the options available to keep lighting in the area and it was resolved to ascertain if there is sufficient space to install a feeder pillar next to the house where the light was installed as this would meet the ENW requirement and mean that the lighting continued to be supplied from the dedicated Allerdale supply.

Car parking

The Council by majority resolved not to ask for yellow lines to be added from Friar Row to the Oddfellows Arms but to use signage to help reduce the number of cars parking on this stretch of road that block/restrict traffic.

A resident has enquired about the planning process requirements for converting agricultural land into a car park, to increase the car parking available in the village.

Jubilee tree planting

The Caldbeck Gardening Club planted their trees for the Jubilee at the entrance to the Howk.  The Parish Council planted one English oak on Caldbeck Green and another on the back green at Hesket New Market.   The tree planting was carried out by Bim Tyson in Caldbeck and by Isobel Blythe in Hesket Newmarket  on Saturday 2nd April,  both of whom were born and brought up in the Parish.  The cost of the two oak trees and their fence protection was kindly donated by Cllor. John Brown of Hesket Hall, and the work undertaken by Cllor. Paul Graham.  


In mid March new dustbins were placed by the Parish Council  at Faulds Brow top and on the gravel heap car parking area at Blue Gates,  by permission of the National Park,  Allerdale District Council having kindly agreed to empty them.  The one at Blue Gates lasted just under 3 weeks before it was stolen, the perpetrator sawing off the fence post to which it was attached.  It would be appreciated if it were returned for the use of the community and its visitors.