Parish Council News September 2021

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The Parish Council met on 6 September, with 8 members of the public joining the meeting. Key points include:

As part of Public Participation, the Parish Council discussed the planning application 7/2021/2223 Old Smithy, Caldbeck, CA7 8EL. made by the Deans’ family who had come to support it. Charles Deans highlighted the key features of the application which would support their vision of a family run commercial business, including accommodation. The Old Smithy would be modernised and extended, made lighter via velux windows on the front elevation and glazed doors to the rear on both ground floor and first floor where they would be under dormers. The design allowed for 12 tables plus other seating areas which gave a firm basis for operating a successful business. Two flats on the upper floor provided accommodation for the family. The minimum size for a flat was 50m² (for one of the daughters) and the second flat was a little larger (64m²) to accommodate a lift and provide the minimum clearances for wheelchair usage. Balconies on the first floor also provided emergency access. Questions were asked about the change of use from commercial to commercial/residential; whether the accommodation should be tied to the commercial operations and should not be used as holiday lets, privately rented or sold as separate housing units; the use of timber cladding for the extension and whether this was in keeping with the village; the opening hours; and car parking provision. During discussions five Parish Councillors supported the application provided the accommodation was tied to the commercial operations and further consideration was given to the appropriateness of the timber cladding. Three Parish Councillors objected to the application because of its scale or because of the provision of accommodation. Following further discussion, the Parish Council agreed not to object to the application and would request the National Park to impose a planning condition tying the accommodation to the commercial operation and to consider the appropriateness of timber cladding.

Also under Public Participation, Toni Bruce and Simon Ruggles came to the meeting as owners of The Beeches, to speak about the repositioning of a bench and access from the car park to their property. The Parish Council agreed that the bench was now in a better position. Toni Bruce explained that they wanted to move back their existing garage, so as to create parking spaces within their property, and undertake some landscaping work. They would only utilise the access they have over the car park for their garage. The work would require heavy plant and movement of some 200 tonne of soil. Any damage to the car park would be put right. The Parish Council agreed to allow the requested access for heavy plant provided car park users were not unnecessarily inconvenienced and any damage was put right.

Caldbeck Public Toilets – The Parish Council has contracted a local resident to service the public toilets from 1 September. The Parish Council very much appreciates that Orian Property Services had been instrumental in getting the facilities reopened in July. 

Village car parks – The National Park has agreed to supply and erect a new red cash donations box/post as the old box had been damaged when the National Park removed the locking mechanism. Alan Tyson is repairing the old donation box so that it can be erected in Hesket Newmarket. The Parish Council is looking at how best to collect non cash donations and will then be able to finalise new Notices for the car parks. 

The Parish Council agreed to form a Property Working Group comprising the Chairman, Tim Cartmell, Vice Chairman, Paul Doherty, and two other Parish Councillors. Alison Young Poole and Mark Telford volunteered to join the Working Group. The Working Group will be able to make quick decisions some management issues for the land recently purchased from the National Park. It will be able to grant licence requests for events.The aim is to be helpful and say ‘yes’ and not charge for community events of any sort when for parishioners, or organised by parishioners. It will also consider easement and licence requests for private purposes, for example car parking, or new access, where it will seek to charge a fair consideration and to recover fees when incurred.

Parish Maintenance – Upton potholes/resurfacing. The Parish Council is pleased with the work undertaken which has been long awaited and will pass on its appreciation to Highways. There is some finishing work to do – white lines to be painted, patches to be sealed, and any debris removed from gulleys/manholes. 

Volunteers have been cleaning and preparing benches in Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket and making the containers for hydrosacks in Hesket Newmarket. Such help is really appreciated.

In addition to The Old Smithy, the Parish Council considered other planning applications, including 7/2021/2233 Land at Town Head (Rowan Nook & Mickle How), Upton, Caldbeck, CA7 8EU. Following discussion the Parish Council agreed to object to the application as the proposed changes to the new building increase its impact unreasonably when seen in conjunction with its adjoining neighbour and other near neighbours and the landscape. The proposed amendments to the west elevation would be visible from footpath 221017 and could be considered to effect detrimentally the view from the footpath. It was also suggested that the proposal did not sit easily with the local occupancy condition.

Appointment of new Parish Clerk – The Parish Council confirmed David McGuffie’s appointment as Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer. David is also Clerk for Blindcrake and will take over Caldbeck responsibilities on 1 October 2021. He will use the email address.

The Parish Council thanked its retiring Clerk, Simon Smith, for his efficiency and his ‘above and beyond’ time and attention to Parish Council matters, as this was his last meeting after over 4 years as Clerk.

For further information, please contact Simon Smith:

Email: Telephone: 016973 71008