Parish Council News February 2022

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Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 21st February and discussed Local Government Reorganisation, tree survey, a planning application at Heald (Hesket Newmarket)  and Council Tax. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website

Local Government Reorganisation (LGR)

The Cumbria County Council request for a Judicial Review into the creation of two unitary authorities in Cumbria has been rejected so once the Structural Changes Order is approved by parliament it will pave the way for elections to the new authorities in May this year.

Tree survey

The Council has had the trees in the parish on Council land assessed to see which trees are a risk to people and property. It has subsequently obtained multiple quotes to undertake work on those trees which were assessed as a high risk. The trees will be made safer once the work is approved by the planners as the trees are in conservation areas.

Planning Application at Heald, Hesket Newmarket

The Council questioned whether due to the relatively small size of the proposed sun room whether it could have been undertaken under permitted development and had no objection to the application.

Council Tax

Caldbeck Parish Council resolved to keep the budget at the 2021-22 levels at the December 2021 meeting. Mike Johnson stated that Allerdale Borough Council would be presenting a budget which kept the Allerdale portion at the 2021-22 levels. This has now been approved.

Residents will however see rises for 3 reasons.

  1. The Police and Crime Commissioner raised Police funding by 3.5%
  2. Cumbria County Council raised Social Care funding by 2.0%
  3. The number of properties in Caldbeck Parish that pay Council Tax has fallen (by about 2%) thus increasing the amount each property pays.

Hesket Newmarket car park

Since the last Parish Council meeting the donations box which used to be in Caldbeck car park has been repaired and re-sited on the Hesket Newmarket car park. The new donations box kindly provided by the Lake District National Park for Caldbeck car park has been receiving donations of about £30 per week.