Parish Council News December 2021

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The Parish Council met on the 8th December and discussed Caldbeck car park, Caldbeck public toilets, the 2022-23 precept and a potential bus service along with the regular business. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website

Car Parks

On the Caldbeck car park a new donations box and its associated signage have been installed. The blue SAAB that was abandoned there has been removed.

The refurbished donations box for the Hesket Newmarket car park will be installed near the light and new signage for it has been ordered and will be installed on receipt.

Caldbeck Public Toilets

The drain has yet to be relined by Allerdale. The Caldbeck Parish Council are awaiting a refurbishment report that will look at building repair costs, whether it is possible to include a disabled toilet in the existing facilities and the cost of a new block with comparable facilities, if a site was found, to determine the best use of the grant.

Precept 2022-23

Following discussions about a potential income shortfall for 2022-23 the Council decided to retain the current level of precept £18,330 as it believed that if there was a budget shortfall it was manageable. It should be noted that though the total precept has stayed the same the precept levied on individual properties within the Parish may change as this also takes into account the total number of properties, their banding and what discounts have been applied by Allerdale.

Bus Service

The Parish Council was sorry to hear that Bim Tyson was giving up his bus licence. His weekly transport has provided a much appreciated and valued service to our community. A steering group to organise a community wheels project with CCC, Allerdale, Caldbeck PC, Northern Fells  and the community is to be created, organised by the County Council, to look at providing a service to replace that which Bim provided.