Parish Council News August 2021

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The Parish Council met on 21 June and agreed actions on car parking and the reopening of the public toilets, which had been discussed at the informal meeting with Caldbeck business held on 14 June reported in July’s magazine, and on other matters. Key points include:

Caldbeck car parking problems – The Parish Council agreed on the actions suggested from 14 June:

  1. Emphasise the need for considerate parking, not parking on pavements, using request signs to limit parking by the shop and businesses to 30 minutes, and placing cones to identify where parking is not permitted because of proximity to road junctions;
  2. Review existing car parking areas and consider whether parking bays can be indicated in an unobtrusive way so as to accommodate more cars. This would cover the various parking areas which the Parish Council is purchasing from the National Park and consider the parking area by the Chapel;
  3. Determine whether additional parking can be provided at Fellview School, one of Midtown Farm’s fields, and elsewhere;
  4. Once decisions have been made prepare a map showing parking facilities and indicating whether parking is short term or all day. This should be displayed in the village and made readily available on the Parish website which businesses could draw on for their own websites and information packs.

Caldbeck Public Toilets – At the meeting with businesses all parties recognised the need to re-open Caldbeck public toilets as soon as possible. On 18 June the Parish Council met the Allerdale Manager and Orian Solutions Ltd, contact cleaners. It was agreed that the facilities could be re-opened following essential repairs by Allerdale and a deep clean by Orian. 

If the Parish Council agreed to service the facilities, Allerdale would own the facilities until their transfer to the Parish Council. That would either follow Allerdale’s upgrading of the facilities or accepting  Allerdale’s £9,000 grant towards the Parish Council upgrading the current facilities or relocating them elsewhere in the village if that became the preferred long term option. The Clerk reported that the servicing costs were expected to be within the budget but that was because the Parish Council would only be facing charges for 9 months rather than a full financial year. The Parish Council would need to look at the budget for 2022-23 but would have several months operational experience, including possible income from voluntary contributions or charges. 

Following discussion the Parish Council resolved to support the re-opening of the facilities and contract Orian Solutions to service them. It agreed to consider longer term options, including any proposals as regards alternative provision. The public toilets were re-opened on 3 July and decisions will be taken shortly on upgrading or longer term options.

Hesket Lonning Footpath – The Parish Council discussed Allerdale’s request that it produce a report looking at the Matthew Rudding option as an alternative to the direct footpath alongside Hesket Lonning. The Parish Council agreed to do so and would work with all parties to ensure that an objective report was prepared. When COVID restrictions were lifted, the Parish Council would ask either Mike Johnson or another independent person to chair an open meeting in the Parish Hall to which all parishioners were invited. Prior to the meeting the report would be published on the website, displays made available in public places in the Parish, and parishioners encouraged to give their views. 

Purchase of National Park land in Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket including Hesket Newmarket Green and the various car parks in both villages – Tim Cartmell, Chairman, reported that the contract documentation had been prepared and was ready for signature. The Parish Council resolved to purchase the property at the price of £10,000. Contracts were subsequently exchanged on 23 June with completion to take place on 14 July. The Parish Council is very grateful to the anonymous donor who provided the full price.

Co-option of Parish Councillor – Tim Cartmell reported that following Alistair Macfadzean’s resignation, the Parish Council should seek to fill the vacancy via co-option. Notice has been given and the Parish Council is hoping to co-opt a Parish Councillor at its meeting on 26 July.

Vacancy for Parish Clerk – Tim Cartmell expressed regret that the Clerk had given notice who advised that he had been invited to chair North Cumbria NHS Organ Donation Committee. During his notice period he would continue to progress what he could and would ensure that all was in order in handing over responsibilities to his successor. If anyone is interested in the post please talk to any Parish Councillor or contact the Clerk – closing date for applications 16 August.

For further information, please contact Simon Smith:

Email: Telephone: 016973 71008