October 2022 News

Parish Council News

Footpath Consultation

There was a special meeting of the Parish Council met on the 22nd September to discuss the options to consult on a safe accessible footpath between Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket . The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website https://www.Caldbeck.org.uk/parish-council/.

The purpose of the special meeting was to agree on the wording for the footpath consultation. The consultation will start shortly. Information on the options will be posted to all parishioner households, and made available online, along with voting information. There will also be an open meeting to allow parishioners to ask questions.

Councillor vacancy

The Council is following the vacancy filling process which firstly required it to be advertised and parishioners asked if they want an election to fill it before the Council can now ask if any parishioners are willing to be co-opted onto the Council.

Upton Streetlight

The Council in conjunction with Allerdale Borough Council are working to reinstate a streetlight near the Parish Hall. The Parish Council will run the supply to the verge where Allerdale will undertake the connection and erection of the light. It is anticipated that the column will be installed by late October.

Council Tax

A consultation process dealing with harmonisation and reduction of council tax will begin on Monday 10th October and will continue until Sunday 20 November.

The consultation material will be available on the Cumberland.gov.uk website to coincide with the start of the consultation.