News May 2022

Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 9th May, following the Annual Parish meeting, and at these meetings they discussed election of officers, Northern Fells, planning applications and a river monitor on Gill Beck . The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website

Election of Officers

Tim Cartmell and Paul Doherty were elected unopposed to continue in their roles of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council.

Northern Fells

Libby Graham gave an impassioned run down of types of different programmes that Northern Fells operates across the 7 parishes of the Boltons, Caldbeck, Castle Sowerby , Ireby & Uldale, Mungrisdale, Seberham and Westward & Rosley. These communities cover an area of over 200 square miles and have about 3,700 residents.

She gave an indication of the numbers of people helped and the types of help given from the running of the minibus service, which in the last year had carried 536 passengers approximately 7,800 miles so they could get to medical appointments or go shopping, to the benefits awareness project , which had enabled 92 residents to access about £90,000 of eligible awards.

The aim of the address was show the Council how much the Northern Fells Group does and to ask the Council to increase its annual donation and representatives will be going to the other Councils in the 7 parishes to similarly ask them to support the Northern Fells Group.

Planning applications

The Council reviewed a request by the Cheshire’s to modify High Greenrigg House to make it more accessible and decided to submit no objection. There were three separate applications for tree work and the council had no objections to any of them. In fact, two of the applications were on behalf of the Council following a tree survey it undertook late 2021 which identified the trees as needing attention.

River Monitor

EA are to install a river level monitor on Gill Beck which will track the river heights and, if you sign up, give alerts when flooding may be imminent. The intention is for the device to blend in as best as possible.