News January 2022

Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 13th January and discussed Local Government Reorganisation, planting trees on the green to celebrate the jubilee, a planning application at Townend Haltcliff and the Lengthsman task list. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website

Local Government Reorganisation (LGR)

A Structural Changes Order has been laid before parliament which paves the way for elections to the new unitary authorities in May this year. Once the unitary authorities are elected they will then be responsible for all major financial decisions. The existing County and Borough Councils will continue to deliver all the services until 31st March 2023 with the unitary authorities taking over on 1st April 2023. Between the unitary authorities being elected in May 2022 and taking over in April 2023 they will develop the plans and principles that the new authorities will operate by.

Jubilee Trees

Caldbeck Gardening Club asked if they could plant 5 silver birch trees in one of two proposed sites on Caldbeck Green to support the Queen’s Green Canopy, a Platinum Jubilee initiative. The landowner, Cumbria County Council, had been approached and was happy for the trees to be sited in either location. Following a discussion about arrangement of the trees it was decided that the council was in favour of tree planting but didn’t agree with the circular arrangement at either site. The Club were asked to return with alternate proposals.

Townend Farm, Haltcliff

The Council agreed that there was a sound justification for the application and that it supported the continued operation of local businesses. A discussion about the flat roof followed and the majority decision was no objection but noting that there were concerns over the flat roof and that the building shouldn’t be subdivided in the future.

Lengthsman work list

The Council discussed progress on items on the Lengthsman task list. This list is held by Norman Atkinson and if anyone knows of any maintenance items such as blocked gutters, damaged verges or overgrown vegetation that the Lengthsman may be able to assist with please contact Norman or the Clerk.