Parish Council Meeting 26 July

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Meeting Agenda


NOTICE of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council at Caldbeck Parish Hall on:

MONDAY 26 July 2021 commencing at 7.30pm

Following the Government’s easing of COVID restrictions, there is no longer a limit on the numbers of members of the public who can attend the meeting. The Parish Council would ask those attending to continue taking appropriate measures for the benefit of all.


  1. Apologies

To receive apologies for absence.

2.  Minutes

To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 21 June 2021 as a true record.

3.  Declaration of Interest

  1. Request for Dispensations: the Clerk to report any requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.
  2. To receive any other declarations by members of interests in respect of items on this agenda.

4.  Co-option of Parish Councillor

To decide on the co-option of a Parish Councillor following Alastair Macfadzean’s resignation.

5.  Public Participation

At the Chairman’s discretion, to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions and raise matters of interest. 

  1. Report from Mike Johnson, County Councillor; 
  2. Report from Tony Annison, Allerdale Borough Councillor; and
  3. Questions or matters of interest raised by residents.

6.  Coronavirus

Update on coronavirus pandemic from County Council and Allerdale Borough Council.

7.  Hesket Lonning Footpath

Update on progress since the last meeting.

8.  Caldbeck Public Toilets

Update on transfer of public toilets from Allerdale Borough Council and ongoing arrangements. 

9.  Street Lighting 

Update on progress since last meeting – reinstallation of light near Calva/Parish Hall

10.  Caldbeck Green

  1. Update on pilot project proposal for increasing biodiversity on Caldbeck Green.
  2. Consideration of Hesket Newmarket pond and management of Stadledykes and land at Howbeck, Hesket Newmarket.

11.  Lake District National Park land disposals

Confirmation of completion of purchase and report on issues arising.

12.  Hesket Newmarket Speeding Traffic

Update on progress since the last meeting.

13.  Car parking in Caldbeck

Update on progress since last meeting.

14.  Parish Maintenance

  1. Caldbeck Parish Highways priorities, including briefing sent to Mike Johnson emphasising the Parish Council’s role in helping identify priorities
  2. Midtown blocked gulley
  3. Historic sign post Hesket Bridge
  4. Warning signs at Faulds Brow and Wath Brow
  5. Snowhill damaged sign post
  6. Upton potholes/resurfacing
  7. Road from Snowhill towards Uldale – carriage way breaking up
  8. viii)Himalayan balsam reports and removal activity
  9. Boxes for storing flood hydrosacks Hesket Newmarket
  10. Bench repairs and cleaning
  11. Beehive bin repairs

To consider any other urgent matters regarding parish maintenance.

15.  Planning applications and decisions


  1. T/2021/0103  7 Riverside, Caldbeck, CA7 8DX Fell and remove 1 common ash
  2. 7/2021/2182 (Full Planning Application) and 7/2021/2183 (Listed Building Consent)  Howbeck House, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, CA7 8JN  Conversion of part of an existing attached barn to provide additional living accommodation (retrospective)

Decisions notified

  1. 7/2021/2165  Old Map Shop, Caldbeck, CA7 8HF  Confirmation of compliance with condition attached to planning permission.  Accepted
  2. T/2021/0085  The Muddy Duck, The Old Smithy, Caldbeck, CA7 8EL Area A – fell 4 ash (1,2,3 & 8), 3 sycamore (4,5 & 6). Cut low and plug tree butts (7 & 9). Area B – fell 7 sycamore (1,7,9,10-12 & 15), 3 ash (2, 14, 16), 1 alder. Fell and plug 4 ash (17-20), 1 horse chestnut (21). Coppice 2 alder. Pollard 3 alder. Area C – fell 2 larch (1 & 2), 1 ash (3) and fell and plug 3 ash (4-6).  No Tree Preservation Order required
  3. T/2021/0081  Hillside House, Caldbeck, CA7 8EE Aspen (T1) – Remove tree. Larch (T2) – Remove tree. Conifers x 2 (T3) – Remove trees. Conifer (T4) – Remove tree.  No Tree Preservation Order required

17.  Community Led Affordable Housing

Update on progress since last meeting.

18. Fair World Shop

To consider report on lease renewal

19.  Parish Benches

Update on memorial bench provided by Paul Merone

20.  Arrangements for appointment of new Parish Clerk

To receive a report from the Clerk on the role of the clerk in light of additional activities taken on by the Parish Council and sharing responsibilities with Parish Councillors. 

20.  Monthly Accounts 2021-22

To approve the receipts and payments since the last meeting, note bank balances, review budget monitoring report and note external audit progress. 


  1. 8 July 2021 Interest £0.89


  1. 22 June 2021 Minihan McAlister Solicitors, deposit for National Park land purchase  £1,000.00
  2. 30 June 2021 Mark Binney purchase of timbers for Caldbeck Green walkway/bridges  £378.48 
  3. 5 July 2021 Mark Binney grass cutting  £1,128.00
  4. 7 July 2021 HMRC 1st quarter income tax  £212.80
  5. 7 July 2021 S Smith 1st quarter net salary and expenses  £915.93
  6. 8 July to 15 July Minihan McAlister Solicitors, balance for National Park land purchase £10,912.91 [Note seven payments made as the Parish Council has a daily limit of £2,000 and there was an additional £15.60 for a second pre completion search]

Bank Balances as at 15 July 2021

  1. Current Account £16,104.91
  2. Deposit account £108,560.87 including £98,627.80 for Hesket Lonning footpath

21.  Correspondence

To note items of correspondence received since the last meeting:

  1. Cumbria Constabulary, County Council: various coronavirus updates
  2. CALC: newsletters, updates 
  3. Lake District National Park: Geoff Davies June report

22.  Meeting Dates

6 September 2021

18 October 2021

6 December 2021

10 January 2022

The intention is for the meeting to end by 9:30pm


Simon Smith – Clerk   Dated  20 July 2021

Simon Smith, Sandale Barn, Sandale, Boltongate, Wigton CA7 1DE

Tel 016973 71008

Meeting Minutes

Attachment List

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1 File icon Co-option notice 28 June View / Download
2 File icon Co-option Procedure for 26 July View / Download
3 File icon Receipts & Payments 2021-22 View / Download
4 File icon Budget Monitoring Report 2021-22 View / Download