July 2020

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Meeting Agenda

No agenda uploaded. Please view the Minutes.

Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the ‘virtual’ Ordinary Meeting held via Zoom on Monday 27 July 2020 at 7:30pm.

Cllrs Attending: Tim Cartmell (Chairman), Paul Doherty, Norman Atkinson, John Brown, Paul Graham, Angela Glendinning, Alastair Macfadzean, Ian Shaw, Alan Tyson, Alison Young Poole

Also Attending: Tony Annison, Allerdale Borough Councillor, Ewan MacFadzean (to Item 12), 

Simon Smith (Clerk).

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Mike Johnson, County Councillor.

2.  Minutes

The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held via Zoom on 15 June 2020 as a true record, pp’d by the Clerk. 

3.  Declaration of Interest

Alison Young Poole declared an interest in Item 15 – land purchase from the National Park in relation to Smithy Cottage owners’ claim to own part of the land in front of Smithy Cottage and the Chairman declared an interest having given her advice.

4.  Public Participation

Members of the public had drawn attention to the road works preparations on Bank Lane and this had been added to the Agenda under Item 9. Ewan MacFadzean had highlighted a planning issue with Allerdale Borough Council which formed Item 12.

5.  Coronavirus

The Chairman reported that he had used his casting vote in favour of continuing to display updated Notices in various car parking areas, welcoming visitors and asking for consideration of local residents’ concerns. The Parish Council noted the regular reports from the Local Resilience Forum and others on the pandemic, and that Carlisle and Eden had seen recent increases in the numbers of positive cases.

6.  Waste management arrangements

The Chairman reported on the purchase and siting of four waste bins in the Parish, with thanks being given to Alastair Macfadzean for his work. Allerdale Borough Council is to position three post mounted bins and National Park comments were expected.

7.  Caldbeck Public Toilets

The Clerk reported that he was still awaiting responses from Allerdale Borough Council regarding a timetable for the transfer of the Caldbeck public toilets to the Parish Council and Allerdale’s plans for re-opening the public toilets prior to their transfer. After nearly 20 years Will Strong had ended his cleaning duties and in June Allerdale had asked the Parish Council for any suggestions. The Parish Council considered that Allerdale was in a better position to find a solution as it may use contract cleaners.

Meantime disabled facilities were available at the Chapel. However, there have been some difficulties regarding access and servicing. Paul Doherty expressed concern regarding health and safety issues in light of the coronavirus pandemic and whether the facilities should remain open. Following discussion it was agreed the Parish Council should continue to support making the facility available. Ian Shaw would take some hand sanitiser and other materials to the Chapel and would check access when passing. The Clerk would contact the Hannams and discuss how arrangements might be improved.

8.  Street Lighting 

Update on progress since last meeting.

  1. Hesket Newmarket. Conclusions from the recent survey of Hesket Newmarket parishioners have been reported to Allerdale by the Clerk. A response on the removal of the lights deemed unnecessary is awaited.
  2. Caldbeck. Ian Shaw reported that he and Alastair Macfadzean had inspected all the Caldbeck street lights and updated the inventory. There were some sodium lamps, including lamps on utility poles and wall mounted lamps, and it was unclear if sodium bulbs would be replaced with LED  bulbs. The Clerk reported that Allerdale had confirmed that it would replace sodium bulbs with LED bulbs wherever possible. If LED bulbs could not be fitted, Allerdale would replace the bulbs with sodium bulbs. Having completed the inspection and mindful of the high levels of support for retaining all street lamps, Ian Shaw and Alastair Macfadzean concluded that all the lights should be retained and the discrepancies in the inventory reported to Allerdale. John Brown considered that a detailed survey should be undertaken, similar to the one carried out in Hesket Newmarket, and that the Parish Council had agreed to such work. Following discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would review the minutes and report back. 

Note: following the meeting the Clerk reported that the Parish Council had agreed to surveys being undertaken in Hesket Newmarket and Caldbeck but that the precise form of the surveys had not been specified. The point of the surveys was to determine what street lights should be retained and for which the Parish Council would be prepared to pay the electricity costs from April 2021. The Budget Consultation at the end of 2019 had shown that 80% of respondents wanted to retain all street lights. In Caldbeck the figure was 84%; Hesket Newmarket 68%. With such a high level of support for retaining all street lights in Caldbeck, a detailed survey was not essential. There was though an opportunity to check on the need for a handful of street lights at the periphery of the village which had been brought to attention in parishioners’ comments and the general concern for reducing energy consumption.

  1. Reinstallation of light near Calva/Parish Hall. Paul Graham reported that he had discussed the position further with the Masters. He had highlighted the strong support for lights to be retained in the main areas of the village, which would include by the Parish Hall, and the explicit comment on the need for the reinstallation of the street light. He would seek to determine what contribution might be forthcoming. During discussions it was considered that other parties might also contribute. The light was Allerdale’s who at some point would have concluded that a light was required and the National Park had recognised that its handling of the Parish Council’s comments regarding the planning application had led to justified criticisms. The Clerk would confirm the cost of reinstallation and would also ask Allerdale and the National Park if they would be prepared to make a contribution.

9.  Parish Maintenance

a) Inspections of local highways and Caldbeck Parish priorities.

The Clerk reported that Matt Bish had confirmed that over the next 12 months there will be significant investment in Caldbeck: 

Caldbeck to Hesket Newmarket via The Street

Upton to Caldbeck

Hesket Lonning

All are scheduled to be surface dressed next summer with extensive patching works carried out beforehand.

In addition there will be patching on:

C2055 Pasture Lane to Calebreck

U2153 Pasture Lane to Woodhall

b)  Other issues

  1. Hesket Newmarket surface water/flood mitigation including work around the Green and development site. It was noted that Mark Binney had uncovered and cleared drains at Woodhall Lane and The Street, his work complementing that of Highways.
  2. Warning signs at Faulds Brow and Wath Brow – issues raised with County Council. No update has been provided.
  3. National Park signage at Millhouse. The request has been reported to the National Park but priority work is likely to mean this will not be progressed for some time.

c) Other urgent matters regarding parish maintenance.

  1. Parishioners had noted the white markings identifying defects on Banks Lane (Hesket Bridge to Millhouse) and questioned the road work planned. The Clerk reported that this is managed by Highways East (Eden), not Highways West (Allerdale). He has asked what is planned and made the point that significant investment on a little used minor road does not reflect the Parish Council’s priorities where there are well used roads in a poor state requiring much needed investment. A response is awaited from Highways East.
  2. Paul Graham reported that the road above Hesket Bridge was in serous danger of falling away given the erosion taking place. He agreed to report the problems to Matt Bish. 

10.  Hesket Newmarket Speeding Traffic

The Clerk reported on recent correspondence with Steph David-Johnston, County Council Highways Traffic Management. Options included:

  1. Press for 20 mph limit but this was unlikely to be supported without further evidence
  2. Seek to erect a permanent Vehicle Activated Speed sign for approaching traffic – there would be significant costs and it may not be supported by Highways without further evidence
  3. Ask Highways/CRASH to arrange for a temporary Vehicle Activated Speed sign and monitor its effectiveness.

Following discussion it was agreed to ask Highways/CRASH to arrange for a temporary Vehicle Activated Speed sign and also if further speed vans might be deployed in the area.

11.  Planning applications and decisions

  1. Applications – None received.

Decisions notified

  1. 7/2020/2126  and7/2020/2018  High Intack Farm, Caldbeck, CA7 8HL  Approval of details reserved by condition 3 (stonework, timber cladding and metal roofing) on planning permission ref 7/2019/2115 – Demolition of outbuildings and construction of a new build storage/implement shed and reduction in height of proposed building  Confirmed conditions met and reduction in height approved unconditionally.
  2. T/2020/0063  Cornhill House, Caldbeck, CA7 8EE Crown thin/reduce 3 sycamore No Tree Preservation Order and works to be carried out as planned.

12. Additional Planning issue

Ewan MacFadzean reported on Allerdale Borough Council’s concerns about his campsite, Caldbeck Camping, Mill View, Friar Row. The campsite is next to a conservation area and is a green field development. There is a suggestion that facilities might impinge on the view of a listed building. Allerdale had received adverse comments and was investigating. Whilst the campsite is in Sebergham Parish Council, it is very much a part of Caldbeck village. Ewan MacFadzean explained that he was wanting to make use of his 28 day permitted development rights which would allow for the provision of tented camping: camper vans/caravans would not be allowed. The Government had extended the 28 day period to 56 days this year because of coronavirus. Depending on the outcome of discussions with Allerdale, including obtaining a licence, and the success of the summer, Ewan MacFadzean would consider an extended season next year for which he would require planning permission. The Chairman explained that the Parish Council would look closely at any planning application and submit a response as an interested party, irrespective that any application related to Sebergham not Caldbeck. Parish Councillors expressed general support for the modest scheme that Ewan MacFadzean had outlined.

13.  Hesket Lonning Footpath

The Clerk reported that Mike Johnson is seeking to discuss the position with the landowners and see if agreement is possible prior to Allerdale proceeding with any Creation Order. However, the coronavirus pandemic has presented difficulties in holding meetings. Allerdale’s Head of Legal returns from leave and Mike Johnson will discuss how best to progress matters.

14.  Community Led Affordable Housing

The Clerk reported that Stuart Woodall has submitted the pre planning application request which Kevin Richards will examine. A response is expected in early September and it is hoped that a report will be made to the 7 September meeting. Stuart Woodall’s invoice is awaited and the Clerk will then provide Allerdale with an update.

15.  Lake District National Park land disposals

The Chairman had provided the Parish Council with an update on the proposed purchase prior to the meeting. In summary it was proposed to proceed with the bulk of the purchase but that areas where there were continuing discussions and enquiries would be excluded (the triangle by the Oddfellows and the strips of land abutting properties on the north side of Hesket Newmarket Green). The Chairman updated the position regarding three further issues: the National Park’s suggestion that extra payments might be put in the contract in the event of the Parish Council introducing car parking charges rather than voluntary contributions; possible concerns about Work Heritage status where car parks had been sited on common land for decades; and including the Management Plan as part of the agreement. It was hoped that these three issues would be quickly resolved and not delay the purchase. Following discussion the Parish Council agreed that the small areas of land requiring further investigation should be excluded so that the bulk of the purchase might be progressed. It was also agreed to seek Counsel’s Opinion regarding the car parks sited on common land.

16.  Community Payback

The Clerk reported that he had not received a response from the Carlisle manager on the prospects of developing a project and it was agreed to take the item off the Agenda until there was positive news.

17.  Parish Benches

The Chairman reported that work has been undertaken to maintain/restore a number of benches. Further volunteers would be welcome.

18.  Contract arrangements for Parish Lengthsman

The Clerk reported that Mark Binney had signed the contract and completed his first month. He had visited the Parish, with Alastair Macfadzean and Alison Young Poole giving him a tour. He had also managed three other days, working across the Parish. Parish Councillors were pleased with how the arrangements were progressing and the work undertaken.

19.  Monthly Accounts 2020-21

The Parish Council approved the receipts and payments since the last meeting and noted the bank balances and budget monitoring report.

a) Receipts

8 July Interest £0.89 Note: Interest rates were significantly reduced from 1 June.

30 June HMRC – VAT £121.21

3 July Allotment rental – £6.00

Interest Cumberland Building Society for 2019-20  – tbc

b) Payments

16 June Mark Binney Grass cutting – £1,092.00

3 July HMRC income tax payment first quarter – £212.80

3 July S Smith salary and expenses first quarter  – £886.53

17 July Colin Smithson railings above Commercial Row – £127.80

17 July Tim Cartmell reimbursement of costs of 4 bins – £87.45

24 July Mark Binney Grass cutting £231.75

c) Bank Balances as at 25 July 2020 are as follows:

Current Account £16,642.97

Deposit account £108,550.04 including £98,627.80 for Hesket Lonning footpath

20.  Correspondence

The Parish Council noted the following correspondence received since the last meeting:

  1. CALC: various coronavirus updates have been circulated as received.
  2. Cumbria Police – Coronavirus updates circulated.
  3. Allerdale Borough Council – Planning Local Validation List circulated
  4. Lake District National Park: Geoff Davies June and July reports

21.  Meeting Dates

Date of next meeting – 7 September 2020

19 October 2020

7 December 2020

11 January 2021

The meeting ended at 9:00pm