February 2024 meeting

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Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the Caldbeck Parish Council meeting to be held in Caldbeck Parish Hall on Monday 19 February 2024 at 7:30pm.

 1. Apologies

To receive apologies for absence.

  1. Minutes

To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 January as a true record.

  1. Declaration of Interest

Request for Dispensations: the Clerk to report any requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.

To receive any other declarations by members of interests in respect of items on this agenda.

4. Public Participation

At the Chairman’s discretion, to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions and raise matters of interest.

  1. Report from Mike Johnson, Cumberland Councillor.
  2. Questions or matters of interest raised by residents and others
    1. High Pike – Viewmaster replacement update
    2. Bins – Dog waste bin request update and refurbishment of existing.
    3. Rural Crime – WhatsApp group and recent issues.

5. Caldbeck Public Toilets

Update on status.

6) Caldbeck and Hesket Greens

a) Update on Caldbeck Green.

b) Consideration of Hesket Newmarket pond, management of Stadledykes and land at Howbeck, Hesket Newmarket.

c) Commons deregistration of part of Hesket Green –Letter to Brewery

d) Hesket Trees

7. Property Matters

a) Car Parks – Update on repairs and QR codes.

b) Property Working Group report

c) Fellside car park update

d) Hesket Newmarket – update on BT and what is Highway

e) Property inspections

f) John Peel Shelter tenancy agreement

  1. Footpath Working Group

a) Latest on path to Footpath to Waters Meet – state of repair and discussions with Forestry England

  1. Parish Maintenance

Caldbeck Parish Highways priorities

EI/21838– Sign on road near Park End.

EI/49466 – Pothole opposite Old Rectory Complete

EI/83028 – Blocked gully on The Street, Watery Lonning, Nether Row crossroads. Complete

EI/94247 – Road near Green Close – Blocked Drain

EI/146937 – Road near pond – Repaired

EI/172074 – Caldbeck Road markings

EI/178396 – Faulds Brow sign – X roads end

EI/184555 – Pothole opposite Greenrigg Lonning Complete

EI/184561 – Potholes School Hill Complete

EI/184563 – Pothole Ratten Row Complete

EI/184566 – Pothole Haltcliffe

EI/184567 – Potholes Calebreck

EI/184571 – Pothole Carrock

EI/184574 – Salt bin School Hill Complete

EI/184580 – Salt bin Street Head Complete

EI/184581 – Salt bin The Street

EI/186434 – Potholes School Hill Complete

EI/186437 – Streetlight Greenside Complete

EI/186438 – Potholes Greenside Complete

EI/186440 – Pothole Bridge End Barns Complete

EI/186443 – Pothole Brewery House Barns Complete

EI/187632 – Blocked Gully The Street

EI/187639 – Blocked Gully Hesket Lonning Complete

Blue gates rubbish

Any new items of maintenance.

  1. Planning applications and decisions

a) Applications

i) 7/2023/2268 at Paddigill, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8EG – No Objection submitted

ii) 7/2023/2272 at High Greenrigg Farm, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8HD – No Objection submitted

iii) 7/2023/2274 at Greenedge Cottage, The Green, Caldbeck, Cumbria, CA7 8ER – No Objection submitted

iv) T/2024/0018 at Elm Cottage, Caldbeck, CA7 8EA – No Objection submitted

v) T/2024/0021 at Ratten Row Gate Cottage, Caldbeck, Cumbria, CA7 8EE

vi) T/2024/0025 at Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8EA

Decisions notified

7/2023/2265 at Branthwaite Farm house/ Branthwaite Cottage, Branthwaite, Caldbeck, CA7 8HB – septic tank replacement – granted.

11. Lengthsman activities

Renewal of the Lengthsman’s contract and jobs to do.

  1. Monthly Accounts 2023-24

To approve the receipts and payments since the last meeting, note bank balances, review budget monitoring report.

Note accounts reconciliation has been undertaken.

13. Correspondence

To note items of correspondence received since the last meeting:

Cumbria Constabulary,

CALC: newsletters, updates.

Lake District National Park: Peter Walter report

Allotments AGM – 19th March in the Old Crown.

  1. Upcoming meeting Dates

2024 meeting dates – 25th March, 13th May, 17th June, 29th July, 9th September, 21st October, 2nd December

The intention is for the meeting to end by 9:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Attachment List

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1 BM Feb 24 Budget Monitoring Feb 24 View / Download
2 RP Feb 24 Receipts and Payments Feb 2024 View / Download