Annual Parish Meeting 2024

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Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the Annual Parish meeting to be held in Caldbeck  Parish Hall on Monday 13 May 2024 at 7:00pm.

Public participation – open discussion

An opportunity for Parishioners to put forward ideas regarding the Parish, ask questions, and raise matters of concern or interest relating to Parish issues.

The meeting will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

Meeting Minutes


 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Parish Hall on Monday 13th May 2024 at 7:00pm.

 Present: Tim Cartmell (Chairman), Norman Atkinson, David Sutherland, Alan Tyson, Mike Warren, Alison Young, Karen Atkinson, Anne Cartmell and Audrey Noble.

Also Present: David McGuffie (Clerk)

 Parsons Park. David explained that both of the quotes received were similar and that both with known additions and contingencies would be in the £90-95,000 range. These involve coming from the Caldbeck end and include a bridging structure to bypass the bank slip. Quotes for accessing via Mike Bell’s field were more expensive. Forestry England will only allow works to be undertaken by contractors on their approved contractor list which limits those able to quote. The potential donor has been made aware of the scale of the costs and has indicated that they are willing to donate up to £40,000. The Footpath Working Group are looking at other possible funding sources.

Emergency Planning. Tim said that the Council in co-operation with the Parish Hall and the Northern Fells Group had been looking into what would be required for the Parish Hall to be a designated safe place i.e. somewhere of sufficient size that was warm and could provide food where parishioners could stay in an emergency. In order to do this a separate independent power supply would be needed. Initial costing for a second hand an oil tank and generator and their installation was approx. £12,000. ENWL to be approached about funding.

Parish Hall sign. It was noted that the sign that broke off is still to be replaced.

The meeting closed at 7:15pm