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Caldbeck, Castle Sowerby, Rosley, Sebergham, Welton and Westward.
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Northern Fells Group

A community charity for seven parishes including Caldbeck parish. CEO: Andrea Sales, Millhouse Village Hall, Millhouse, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 8HR | Tel: 016974 78094 | Email: andrea.sales@northernfellsgroup.org.uk

See www.northernfellsgroup.org.uk for details of services and news of events.

Northern Fells Group Village Agent

Caldbeck and Sebergham with Welton:

Jackie Clayton    07376 225134  jackie.clayton@northernfellsgroup.org.uk

Neighbouring Parishes

Local Authorities

Job Centre


Caldbeck Local History Society Publications

Parish Hall, Caldbeck

Bookings: Mrs Pat Shaw, The Bield, Upton, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8EU
Tel 016974 78639 | Email: patshawcaldbeck@waitrose.com

Public Transport

To find local public service bus timetables click on this link: www.cumbria.gov.uk/buses

  • Type 73 (for the Carlisle – Caldbeck – Keswick bus timetable)
  • or type 605 (for the Tuesday Caldbeck – Wigton bus timetable)

Tysons Coaches runs a weekly coach trip to Carlisle on Wednesdays. Cost £5 per person. Telephone Helen Sturges, 016974 78566 for details of times, and to book (need to book before 4pm on previous Tuesday).

Voluntary Transport

For residents without their own transport, or with limited access to shared transport, or unable to drive their own cars due to temporary incapacity.

Northern Fells Group Minibus: Transport Coordinator, Ilona Furrokh
Tel 016974 78787 | Email: office@northernfellsgroup.org.uk

Community Wheels Monday minibus service bookings: Email: aw.caldbeck@gmail.com Tel: Landline 016974 78220 / Mobile: 07948 291 313

Caldbeck and District Voluntary Car Service: Tom Rennie
Tel 017687 71270| Mobile 07761 796 615 Email: tom.rennie@gmail.com

Churches and Places of Worship and Church Groups

Church of England: St Kentigerns, Caldbeck
Rev Eileen Reid, Caerdach, Brackenthwaite, Rosley, Wigton, CA7 8AS. Tel 016973 43089 Email: ereid2002@yahoo.co.uk
and Geoff Hine (Reader), Chapel Howe, Sebergham, Carlisle, CA5 7DY. Tel 016974 76308. Email: p.hine999@btinternet.com

Caldbeck Methodist Church: Rev Philip Jackson, 27 Kirkland Meadows, Wigton CA7 9JE | Tel 016973 42468
or Mr Chris Hannam, Todcrofts, Caldbeck, CA7 8JH | Tel 016974 78485

Hesket Newmarket Free Church: Mr Peter Stobart, Newlands Lodge, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton CA7 8HP | Tel 016974 78669 | www.hesketnewmarketfreechurch.org.uk

Caldbeck Church Mothers Union: Mrs Ann Wade, Manor Cottage, Fellside, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8HA | Tel 016974 78214. For Information and Reports click here

Caldbeck Methodist Chapel Ladies’ Bright Hour: Mrs Betty Jardine, The Heads, Brackenthwaite, Wigton CA7 8AS | Tel 016973 42529

Medical and Health Care

Caldbeck Surgery, Friar Row, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8DS | Tel 016974 78254
Practice Manager 016974 78181 | Fax 016974 78661 | www.caldbecksurgery.co.uk
Calls out of hours automatically redirected to CHOC (Cumbria Health on Call) 03000 247 247

District Nurses, Caldbeck Surgery,Friar Row, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8DS
Tel 016974 78320

First Responders: In Emergency Telephone 999 or 112
For Information: Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket: Ruth McCall | Email: pjruthmccall@yahoo.co.uk. For news and reports click here

Health Visiting Team, Wigton Hospital, Cross Lane, Wigton CA7 9DD
Tel 016973 66608

Medical Loan Service (Northern Fells Group) Contact Simon Braithwaite, Northern Fells Lend a Hand Group | Tel 016974 77196

Caldbeck Surgery Charitable Fund, c/o Practice Manager, Caldbeck Surgery, Friar Row, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8DS | Tel 016974 78181. A registered charity. Caldbeck Surgery Charitable Fund

Midtown House Residential Care Home, Caldbeck, CA7 8EL. Tel 016974 78528 Email: julietickle@btinternet.com www.midtownhousecarehome.co.uk


Fellview County Primary School (and the Friends of Fellview Charitable Trust), Contact the Headteacher, Ms Gillian McElvogue, Upton, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8HF
Tel / Fax 016974 78437 Email: admin@fellview.cumbria.sch.uk www.fellview.cumbria.sch.uk


Caldbeck Fellview Pre School Play Group Contact Fellview School | Tel 016974 78437

Caldbeck Playgroup (ages 0-4) Contact Rachel Irving | Tel 016974 78232

Youth Organisations

Caldbeck Beavers (Boys and Girls 6 – 8 years) and Caldbeck Cubs (Boys and Girls 8 – 11 years) and Caldbeck Scouts (Boys and Girls 11+) Contact Jan Cooper | Tel 016973 44971
or Liam Benson | Tel 07787 175564

Caldbeck Young Farmers Club Secretary: Laura Potts,  Tel 07775 633 352 Email: Laura-313@hotmail.co.uk

Quest Club, After School Group for Juniors, Caldbeck. Contact Rev Eileen Reid, tel: 016973 43089, email: ereid2002@yahoo.co.uk OR Rev Philip Jackson, tel: 016973 42468

Discovery Club (Primary School Children), in Fellview School Hall: Contact Helen Stobart | Tel 016974 78669 (Run by members of Hesket Newmarket Free Church)

Drop In Youth Club (Ages 10 + ) Various locations. Contact Celia Stobart | Tel 016974 78669

Clubs, Societies and other organisations

Caldbeck Area Film Society (CAFS) Sally Vaux, Brownrigg, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8EG, Tel 01697478626.

For information and reports about CAFS click here

Caldbeck Art Group Janet Stanyer, Wallace Lane Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton CA7 8DL | Tel 016974 78188

Caldbeck Bowling and Social Club, The Green, Caldbeck. Contact Andrew Hetherington, Hillside Farm, Brackenthwaite, Wigton, CA7 8AS.
Tel 016973 43404 Mobile: 07940 294210 | Email: rahmbr@hotmail.co.uk
Clubhouse: Tel 016974 78681

Caldbeck Cricket Club, Townend, Caldbeck: Contact Jayne Strong, Hewer Hill, Hesket Newmarket, | Tel 016974 78146
Clubhouse: Tel 016974 78340 | caldbeck.play-cricket.com

Caldbeck Commoners’ Association, Secretary: Tim Cartmell, The Old Rectory, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8DP | Tel 016974 78484 | Email: timhcartmell@outlook.com

Caldbeck and District First Responders: In Emergency Telephone 999 or 112. For Information: Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket: Ruth McCall | Tel TBC. For news and reports click here

Caldbeck and District Gardening Club: Secretary Marjorie Watson, The Grapes, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8DP. Tel 016974 78190 mwatson4564@btinternet.com

Caldbeck and District Local History Society, Tony Vaux, Brownrigg Farm, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8EG | Tel 016974 78626. Email: vauxt@aol.com

For information and reports about the History Society click here

Caldbeck Lunch Group (Northern Fells Group) at Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck. Organiser: Antoinette Ward | Tel 016974 78220 | Email: aw.caldbeck@gmail.com

Caldbeck Multi Purpose Tennis Court, Sally Vaux | Tel 016974 78626 | Email:  sallyvaux@aol.com

Caldbeck Players Secretary: Mrs Karen Atkinson, Bowten Croft, Friar Row, Caldbeck, CA7 8BS | Tel 016974 78546 | ka.education@yahoo.co.uk   www.caldbeckplayers.co.uk

Caldbeck WI Secretary: Mrs P Richardson, Brooklyn, Caldbeck, Wigton, CA7 8ED | Tel 016974 78458. For information and reports about Caldbeck WI click here

Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket Fairtraders, Sally Vaux, Brownrigg, Caldbeck, Wigton CA7 8EG | Tel 01697478626

Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket Sheep Dog Trials Committee, Ann Armstrong, Scalerigg, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton CA7 8HX | Tel 016974 78492

Hesket Newmarket Allotments, David McGuffie, Clerk to Caldbeck Parish Council, Isel Mill Cottage, Isel, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QG | Tel 01900 825367 | Email: caldbeckparishclerk@gmail.com

Hesket Newmarket Lunch Group: at Denton House, Susan and Alan Armstrong | Tel 016974 78415

Hesket Newmarket Play Area Association, Chairman: Jane Simpson, Quarry Barn, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, CA7 8JG | Tel 016974 78319 | Email: janesimpson05@gmail.com

Hesket Newmarket Show Committee, Secretary: Mrs Mary Brough, Howgill, Hesket Newmarket, CA7 8JB | Tel 016974 78213

Men in Sheds, Community Workshop at the Old Joiner’s Shop, Caldbeck Green. Contact Ken Graham 07500 861355  Email: ken.graham@northernfellsgroup.org.uk

Tai Chi Classes, Caldbeck Parish Hall, Mrs Doreen Gleed, Northern Fells Group | Tel 016973 71947 | Email: doreengleed@aol.com | Tel 016974 78270

The Knitting Loop, Hesket Newmarket. Contact Isabel Braithwaite 016974 78466

Whelpo Rugmakers. Contact Sally Vaux 016974 78626

For details of local businesses, including shops, post offices, accommodation (tents and camping barns, B&B, cottages, guesthouses and hotels), filling station, garage, IT services, and many more, see the Northern Fells Group Services and Organisations booklet. The index on page 2 – which gives you all contact details.

A number of local businesses, especially those offering accommodation, and shops, also advertise on www.caldbeckvillage.co.uk

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