January 2023 News

Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 9th January and amongst the topics they discussed at the meeting were the Council Tax, Caldbeck Surgery planning application and Snow Hill Quarry planning application. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website https://www.Caldbeck.org.uk/parish-council/.

Council Tax

The Council were informed that Cumberland Council plan to increase Council Tax by 4.99% and to harmonise the band rates across all areas in the first year – they have up to 8 years to do this. This will affect parishioners as currently the rate bands in Allerdale are lower than in the other parts of Cumberland. This means that though Caldbeck PC has not increased its precept parishioners will see a significant rise.

Caldbeck Surgery planning application

The surgery plans to install heat pumps (x8) to reduce its energy costs and reduce its carbon emissions by approx. 9te/year. The Council supports the aims of the application but are awaiting an environmental noise assessment to see if any noise attenuation measures are required to ensure that neighbouring residences have no increase in noise levels.

Snow Hill Quarry planning application

The Council objects to the proposed application which would remove the current condition which prohibits HGVs from the quarry passing through the villages of Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket and makes them bypass them. It is objecting on the grounds of unsuitability of the roads (too narrow), safety (why allow up to 5,700 HGV’s per year to travel through populated areas when an alternate exists and is of the same road quality), noise and dust.