December 2022 News

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Parish Council News

The Parish Council met on the 5th December and amongst the topics they discussed at the meeting were the Councillor vacancy, 2023-24 budget and precept. The full meeting minutes can be found on the Parish Council website

Councillor vacancy

The Council unanimously voted to co-opt Mrs. Susan Robson’s of Hesket Newmarket to the Council and Mrs. Robson will sign her acceptance of office at the January 2023 meeting and the Council will then have no vacancies.

Caldbeck PC budget 2023-24

The Council reviewed and agreed the draft budget. It accepted that the proposed receipts included an estimate for car park donations because the donation systems for the car parks have not been in operation for a full year yet.  It decided to add £500 for the King’s coronation based on spending a similar amount during 2022-23 marking the Queen’s platinum jubilee to the proposed expenditures. It accepted that the draft budget showed that the Council would be in deficit based on the proposed revenue and expenditure forecasts.

Caldbeck PC precept 2023-24

The Council unanimously decided that though the budget forecast was for the Council to be in deficit for 2023-24 that due to cost of living pressures for parishioners that the precept would not be increased.  It would be maintained at the same level for the third consecutive year.

Caldbeck Village street clean

This took place on the 1st December, and many thanks were expressed to all those who helped. 2 “gangs” were at work all morning, and more work was done in the afternoon.