Mothers Union


September 2011

At our first meeting after the summer break, Ann Wade welcomed the members and told us of the most enjoyable outing she and others had experienced, mentioning, especially the visit to our link branch of Haversham where they, as always, received a warm welcome.

She then introduced and welcomed our speaker, Mr Brian Fulton, who had come in his capacity as a worker in ‘Open Doors’. This is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and providing support to those for whom ‘witness to the faith’ brings danger.

He gave a few examples: Pastors who lead their local group who may be arrested for preaching Christianity and then imprisoned without trial, as in China and Iraq. Laos has forbidden meetings in private homes after the enforced closure of churches. In Algeria churches are closely supervised by security police; believers are threatened with the loss of contact with their family, unless they conform to Islamic theology.

Brian then gave us a video presentation of some of the work done by Open Doors. Most importantly they have provided 20,000 Bibles to groups of youngsters. They also provide homes and schooling for children whose parents have been killed. The numbers of these orphans have enormously increased, especially in Africa, by the AIDs epidemic.

On a practical aspect, Open Doors can supply placements for equipment damaged in violent attacks so that the widow can again look after the family, or provide seeds and implements so they can again grow food after the land has been laid waste.

On realising the worldwide nature of the persecution, members asked what they could do to help. First, and most importantly, Brian replied “Prayer”. Secondly, it is possible, under guidance from Open Doors, to write letters of support. The realisation that there are fellow Christians half a world away who hold them in their thoughts and prayers is the greatest possible encouragement for those whose lives are in danger.

We were gratified to Brian for bringing us so much information about the desperate situations concerning persecution, and enormous admiration for the courage of so many who hold fast to their faith, in spite of the dangers of so doing.