First Responders

Caldbeck and District First Responders


It’s there now; please go and have a look at it next time you pass – our new Public Access Defibrillator is in place on the wall at the Parish Hall. This is indeed exciting news and brings Caldbeck another step closer to being one of the first villages in Cumbria to gain CARDIAC SMART status. In the next few weeks it is the team’s intention to convert our existing boxes to all become Public Access. To do this we will be adding heaters and key pad locks to the existing cabinets. This will mean there will be two Public Access Defibrillators in Caldbeck, one in Hesket Newmarket, Millhouse, Fellside and Lamonby. We are also purchasing extra equipment for the team.

We hope you never have need of the defibrillator but it is there in the event of a nearby cardiac arrest giving a casualty the best possible chance of survival. The code to open the box will be given to you by Ambulance control when they have identified the need of it. The defibrillator is safe to use and can be used by anybody. It will NEVER deliver a shock unless it is required.

If you would like to know more about the defibrillator then please contact any of our First Responders Team who will be delighted to tell you anything about it. We will be running some further HEARTSTART sessions in the New Year. These are completely free, run for around two hours and cover basic life support, the recovery position, heart attack, choking and bleeding. Many people in the area have already trained at a HEARTSTART session and a large number of people, including our fantastic Young Farmers, have recently attended extra familiarisation sessions with the defibrillator.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their fantastic support over the last seven years and would like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Festive Season.

Philippa Groves and Pat Shaw, CAFR Team leaders.

Contacts, for further details:

  • Philippa Groves: 78555
  • Pat Shaw: 78639
  • Helen and David Kerry: 78431
  • Les and Sheila Magee: 017684 84389


We have recently had some very generous donations from individuals in the area towards this and with the proceeds from October’s Millhouse Cake Competition we will be a step closer to our second cPAD

Over the last couple of months we have had six sessions to familiarise people with the use of a defibrillator in the Parish Hall these have been reasonably well attended but we could do with more of you knowing how to use it. The machine is easy to use and would never allow you to deliver a shock to someone who was not in need of it, they are safe to operate and the instructions are clear.

The majority of Caldbeck Young Farmers are attending familiarisation sessions this month ( a great example of super, responsible young people in the area, they have regularly attended Heartstart sessions in the past).

Hopefully the need to use the defibrillator will never arise, but if it did, wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your chances of being able to help someone if you already knew how to use it.

Please contact one of us to arrange a session with your group, especially if you use the Parish Hall. 

Initially, the keys for the other defibrillators will be made available in shops, pubs, hairdressers where a majority of people have completed the free two-hour training sessions.  This way, during opening hours, the teams defibrillators will be available immediately to anyone who has been familiarised to use them.  If a situation arises, hopefully an ambulance, doctor or responder should be with you quickly but if not you will have the chance and the skills to act swiftly.

A list of key locations will be advertised in the parish magazines.