Caldbeck WI

Caldbeck Womens Institute

  • President Mrs. P. Shaw Tel. 78639
  • Vice President Mrs. E. Benson Tel. 78373
  • Secretary Mrs. P. Richardson Tel. 78458
  • Assistant Secretary Mrs. B. Archer Tel. 78102
  • Programme Secretary Mrs. T. Richardson Tel. 78311
  • Treasurer Mrs. P.E. Woolfenden Tel, 78212
  • Assistant Treasurer Mrs. J. Scott Tel. 78416


B. Archer, E. Benson, J. Cox, P. Richardson, T. Richardson, J. Scott, P. Shaw, P. E. Wolfenden


First Wednesday in month 7.30pm. in Parish Hall, unless stated otherwise.

WI Reports

MAY 2013

Mrs P Shaw welcomed everyone including visitors, Mrs M Brough and Mrs C Ibbotson.  We held a minute’s silence in memory of Mrs Jean Holden.

Mrs Shaw then introduced Mrs Ibbotson who will be our delegate at the National AGM in Cardiff when the resolution about High Street Shops will be discussed.  There was also a discussion about the new constitution which will need to be studied further.

Mrs P Richardson opened the business meeting by reading the Minutes of our last meeting, and the County News was read.

Following the business meeting, Mrs Shaw welcomed our speaker for the evening, Mr D Newham, who had come to talk about his career which had included ‘Flying the Royals’.  He explained that he had had to organise the flights of members of the Royal Household to various countries as well as around the United Kingdom.  Mrs Janet Cox thanked Mr Newham for giving us such a fascinating glimpse of life behind the scenes, ensuring that each visit ran smoothly and successfully.

The competition for an air travel memento was won by Mrs R Nicholson.  Mrs T Richardson was second.  The raffle was won by Mrs A Benn.

APRIL 2013

Mrs P Shaw welcomed everyone and the minutes of the last meeting were read by Mrs P Richardson.  Mrs Shaw explained that this year’s ‘Chairman’s Challenge’ for the Spring meeting was for each WI to produce a tea bread.  With this in mind it was decided that anyone who would like to make tea bread could bring this to our next meeting on 1 May so that members could judge which one they would like to send to the Spring meeting to represent Caldbeck WI.  The County News was read.  Melmerby WI had invited members to their meeting.  Mrs Shaw reminded those who were going to attend Ivegill WI’s meeting that this would be a ‘masquerade’ but that there would also be another competition for those who did not wish to produce a mask.

Our speaker for the evening, Mrs Anne Noble, a vet from Paragon Vets, was then introduced.  She had come to talk about her life as a vet which included how many changes there had been in the work of a vet in the past 20 years.  She talked about how pet food had changed, providing the correct diets for pets at various stages in their lives, and how vets work to keep animals healthy.  Mrs Noble’s talk was extremely interesting and she was asked many questions at the end.  Mrs Woolfenden thanked her for giving us such an entertaining talk.

The competition for an animal photograph was won by Mrs Woolfenden and Mrs S Barker came second.


Mrs P Shaw welcomed everyone to the February meeting and the Minutes were read by Mrs P Richardson.  Mrs Shaw was pleased to inform members that the evening with Rory Stewart, MP, had been very successful and well attended, raising £616.  A donation from the Hound Trail Association had been generously given, and this would go towards the annual party for people who are over 65.  Mrs Richardson had written to thank the Hound Trail Association. An invitation for their April meeting had been received from Ivegill WI.  Members were informed that the darts match would be taking place at the Bower on Monday 11 March, and that there would be a practice on Sunday 3 March at 2.00pm.

After the business meeting, Mrs Shaw welcomed our speaker for the evening, Jilly Fraser, who had come to speak about her journey from Skye to Cumbria riding Clydesdale horses.  Her passion for horses was apparent throughout her interesting and amusing talk about these gentle giants of the horse world as we spent the evening travelling along the way with her through this long journey that had lasted five and a half weeks.  She was thanked for this such an entertaining talk by Mrs T Richardson.

The winner of the competition for a horse brass was Mrs B Archer, with Mrs P Shaw, second.  The raffle was won by Mrs S Barker.


Everyone was welcomed and wished a happy new year by Mrs P Shaw.  The Minutes of our last meeting were read by Mrs P Richardson.  Some members had enjoyed a meeting with Aikton WI.  Mrs Shaw thanked all those members who had helped to make the WI Christmas Tree look so wonderful for the Christmas Tree Festival.  After the County News had been read, members were reminded that Rory Stewart, MP, would be speaking at an open meeting to be held on 18 January.  Membership subscriptions of £33 for 2013 are now due.  Mrs Shaw had received several letters of thanks for the Christmas Party held in December.

Following the business meeting, we enjoyed a supper of soup and mince pies before our speaker for the evening, Mrs Gail Dewis, was introduced.  Mrs Dewis had come to talk about the Northern Fells Group ‘Lend a Hand’ service which she co-ordinates.  She spoke about the work to help people in their homes.  This included assisting with personal and social care, giving carers a break for a few hours, as well as offering to do ‘odd jobs’ around the house. The help given is much appreciated by those who use the service.  Mrs B Archer thanked Mrs Dewis for such an interesting talk and for making everyone aware of what can be offered.

The competition for a handy household item was won by Mrs R Nicholson, and Mrs T Richardson was second.  The raffle was won by Mrs K Davie.


We were welcomed to our December meeting by Mrs Pat Shaw who explained that the business part of the meeting would be followed by the AGM.  She read the County News and reminded members that the afternoon tea for people who are over 65 would be held on Saturday afternoon at 2.00pm.

The AGM followed.  The Minutes from last year’s AGM were read and approved.  Mrs Pauline Woolfenden, treasurer, presented the accounts for the year, Mrs Patricia Richardson, secretary, gave an account of the activities that had taken place during the year, and Mrs Shaw, president, gave the president’s report.  Mrs Rachel Nicholson thanked the committee for all their hard work during the year for arranging interesting speakers and visits.  The committee were re-elected for the coming year.

Mrs Shaw introduced our speakers for the evening:  Mrs Diana Greenwood, Miss Margaret Ashbridge and Ms Tricia Nelson, who had come to speak about proddy and hooky rug making.  They talked about the history and their own personal experiences, showing us some beautiful work they had created.  We were able to try the prodding and hooking for ourselves – a much more difficult task than it appeared and requiring lots of patience and skill to achieve a good result!

After this we all enjoyed a ‘Bring and Share’ supper.  A lovely finish to our meetings in 2012.


Everyone was welcomed by Mrs P Shaw and the Minutes were read by Mrs P Richardson.  The County News was discussed.  Mrs Shaw explained that the ‘Over 65s Tea Party’ would be held during the afternoon of 8 December and members were asked if they would bake cakes and make mince pies for the event.

After the business meeting, Mrs Shaw welcomed our speaker for the evening, Mrs Susan Allison, who had come to talk about ‘The Story of Musicals’.  She played a variety of songs from the musicals on the piano and we were able to sing some of the songs as she had brought word sheets.  We had a lovely time singing and it was a most interesting and fun-filled evening.  Mrs J Cox thanked Mrs Allison for entertaining us so well.

The competition for a theatrical item was won by Mrs T Richardson.  Mrs B Archer and Mrs P Richardson came second and third respectively.

Our next meeting on 5 December will be the AGM.  There will be a ‘Bring and Share’ supper.  Our speaker will be Mrs Diana Greenwood who will talk about ‘Proddy Rugs’.

October 2012

We were welcomed to our October meeting by Mrs Pat Shaw and the Minutes for May and September were read and approved.  The County News was read.  Rosley WI had kindly invited members to their meeting on 10 October.  Mrs Shaw announced that the Darts Pairs would be held on 15 October.  She thanked the ladies who attended the Shawk Valley Group Meeting.

Our speakers for the evening were C Drouet and D Jolley who had come to talk about ‘Magistrates in the Community’.  We spent a lively evening playing a variety of roles including court officers, defendant and solicitors.  It was both very interesting as well as fun.  Mrs Janet Cox thanked Mr Drouet and Mr Jolley for such an informative and enjoyable evening.

The raffle was won by Mrs Pauline Woolfenden.  The competition for a cushion was won by Mrs Jean Scott and the runner-up was Mrs Isobel Coulthard.

July 2012

On Wednesday 4 July – an extremely wet evening – we went on an outing to Warnell House Garden. This was by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Coulson, the owners of Warnell House. On our arrival we were met by Mrs Coulson and Lyn Brunetti and William Mark who are the gardeners at Warnell House. Lyn gave a guided tour of the garden, explaining how it was constantly developing. It is a delightful place, full of colour and imaginative planting. It looked beautiful although seen through torrential rain. The visit was made more meaningful as several members of Caldbeck WI had had a long association with the house from childhood.

We enjoyed a cup of tea and home baking in the barn at the end of the tour and were able to look at old photographs which were on display.

Mrs Pat Shaw, our president, thanked Lyn and William for giving us such a lovely, happy evening. There will be no meeting in August but on 5 September there will be a joint meeting with Mungrisdale WI at Mungrisdale Village Hall.

June 2012

We met at Denton House for our Birthday Outing where we enjoyed a delicious meal and good company. We had a lovely time looking at the photographs taken at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations where we had won first prize for our ‘Garden Party’ float!

Our next meeting will be the outing to Warnell House Garden on 4 July. Members should meet at Caldbeck car park at 6.30pm.

March 2012

All were warmly welcomed by Mrs P. Shaw and a warm greeting was given to Mrs Roberta Bowen on her return. The minutes were then read by Mrs. P. Richardson.

Well Done to our Darts team who have now qualified for the finals.

The Raffle, arranged by Mrs. E. Bell raised £41 for our funds.

Next the County News was discussed. We plan to have a Float for the Jubilee Celebrations. The Quiz raised £100 for our funds, thank to Mrs. Teresa Richardson for organising it. She then talked about her time in America as a Resident Alien, because Mr. Richardson had taken a very good job with an American firm based in Minneapolis. They had their two young children with them and all had a cultural shock. Because everywhere was so far away Teresa needed her own car. School and after school activities involved her in a lot of travelling. The climate was either too hot or too cold and they suffered many TORNADOS. They returned after several years suffering from homesickness.

Mrs. Janet Cox thanked Teresa for an excellent talk.

The competition for an American Item was won by’: 1st Mrs. I. M. Barker and 2nd P. Richardson

The winner of the Raffle was I. Coulthard


The Competition: A CHILDHOOD TOY

There will also be a BRING AND BUY SALE

February 2012

All were warmly welcomed by Mrs P. Shaw and the minutes were read by Mrs. P. Richardson.

County News: On March the 3rd for The Spring Council Meeting our delegate will be Mrs J. Todhunter.

We are very grateful for a generous donation from the Hound Trail Association as we are to Mrs. M. Barker for the wonderful display of WI Memorabilia she collected and arranged for the History Society Exhibition. Mina also had a list of past Presidents.

Mrs. Shaw then welcomed our speaker Mr. Irvine Hunt who gave a very interesting talk which included a visual display of notable Cumbrian people from the past and an account of their lives. He compared their shorter lifespan compared with ours.. He also covered transport from Horses to Cars and Horses to Tractors. He illustrated his talk with notable photographs of yesteryear.

Mrs. Janet Cox thanked him for an excellent talk.

The competition for ‘A Dialect Quote’ was won by: 1st Mrs. B. Archer and 2nd Mrs. J. Scott

The Drawing was won by: J. Cox

The March WI Talk will be: I was A Resident Alien

Competition: An American Item

4th January 2012

All were warmly welcomed by Mrs P. Shaw.  The minutes were read by Mrs. P. Richardson and approved this was followed by a discussion of theCounty News.

The new W. I. Quiz is now available.  The next meeting of the the History Society is on January 18th

We then enjoyed our Soup followed by Mince Pies which was lovely on such a cold, damp night. 

The speaker was The Rev. Malcolm Ritches who gave a talk on photography with supporting slides to illustrate his points.  He also gave a heart-warming recount of his renewed interest in his hobby. 

He demonstrated how Photos can be enhanced by using a computer by moving lines and improving the definition and light, the difference was amazing. 

He showed numerous ways of choosing the best shot by taking advantage of the light, shade and reflections. 

We were entranced by the beautiful slides and the whole talk. 

Mr. B. Archer thanked him. 

The competition for a Bible was won by Mrs. P. Woolfenden with Mrs. M. Barker taking the second prize.


Our December meeting was our AGM. We also held a Bring and Buy Sale together with an American Supper.

Mrs. Shaw thanked everyone for coming. Mrs. P. Richardson read the Secretary’s report which covered all our activities for the year and Mrs. Shaw updated us with the County News.

Mrs. E. Bell was nominated to join the Executive Committee.

The member with the most points in the competition was Mrs. Woolfenden who then gave the Treasurers Report. We found that our funds are evenly balanced but we decided to put extra effort into our Fund Raising for next year. Mrs. B. Archer recommended that the Report be adopted and we all agreed.

Mrs. Shaw then thanked the head office of the W. I. for all their help and support.

Mrs. J. Todhunter then thanked the outgoing Committee for their sterling work.

The Standing Committee was asked to continue: proposed by Mrs. J. Todhunter and seconded by Mrs. I. Coulthard and passed.

The competition for a Matt was won by Mrs. J. Stott, 2nd Mrs. I. Coulthard.

We then enjoyed our American Supper.

Next month we will have: Soup and Mince Pies (£1.50). Our Speaker will be the Rev. M. Ritchie and our competition: a Bible.


All, including the Brame family were welcomed by Mrs. P. Shaw.

The Minutes were read by Mrs P Richardson and passed. The County News was read and several notices of forthcoming events.

Orders were taken for the County News at £3. Subscriptions for 2012 will be £31.50.

The Darts teams had had an enjoyable and successful evening and several members have qualified for the next round.

Mrs Shaw then welcomed Mrs Debbie Moscatt, our speaker for the evening. Debbie gave us a new insight and understanding of the life of many wild animals especially Bats of which there are eight species all needing slightly different habitats and food. There is a Bat Helpline who will help with any queries and assist with any problems.

Mrs Shaw thanked Debbie for an informative evening with an excellent visual aided talk which was followed by many questions which she answered fully and concisely.

The draw was won by Mrs. P. Richardson, the competition by Mrs. J. Stott with Mrs. A. Benn second.

Next month is our A.G.M. followed by a Bring and Buy sale and ending with an American Supper.


Everyone was welcomed by Mrs P. Shaw. The minutes were read by Mrs. P. Richardson and passed.

Mrs. J. Todhunter brought a friend from the W.I. in Canada as a very welcome guest..

Mrs. Shaw gave a short but very interesting talk on a Fashion Show she had recently attended. This was followed by a discussion of the latest County News and the Christmas menus of several local hotels.

The Heritage Day had been a great success mainly due to the excellent W.I. Memorabilia Display which was down to the hard work of Mrs. M. Barker.

Mr. R. Davey thanked us for the refreshments we provided and we gratefully accepted a generous cheque for our funds.

Mrs. Shaw then welcomed our Speaker Mrs. Sarah Jackson who then showed us several pieces of Stained Glass and explained the technique used in manufacturing them. She then made a beautiful decoration from the Stained Glass.

Mrs P. Wolfenden thanked Sarah for an interesting and informative talk.

The Competition was won by Mrs. M. Bell.


We had members of the Mungrisdale W.I. as guests in our Link Branch Meeting

All were welcomed by Mr P. Shaw who introduced the theme of the evening ‘Circles and Table Decorations’
Following the theme all the tables were round and our speaker was to show us ‘Circular Dancing’.

The minutes were read by Mrs B. Archer and accepted; the notice of the Autumn Council Meeting at Greenhill in September and Mrs Molly Marsden was re-elected Group Convenor. It was agreed that the Caldbeck History Society can show some of our Memorabilia for their event on October 1st.

Rosley W.I. have invited us to their September 14th meeting. The darts pairs will meet at Caldbeck on 31st October, Dalston have invited four people to a meeting on July 30th. Lists were circulated for the 2012 W.I. Calendar. Thanks was expressed to all who supported the Village Garden Walk.

Our speaker Annalise showed us and we participated in Circle Dancing which we enjoyed.

The Competition: A Circular Team was won: 1st P. Bamborough 2nd C. Marsden

Raffle: J. Stott, M. Frankwood, M. Bell, I. Eaton

Pat thanked everyone for coming, especially our guests from Mungrisdale and our food providers.

Mungrisdale members thanked us for a lovely evening of food and friendship.

JUNE 1st 2011

As June is our WI’s birthday, we celebrated by visiting Mae’s Tea Room at the Old School in Uldale. The evening was a beautiful sunny one and we were able to enjoy the magnificent views at their best from the Old School.

An enjoyable meal was followed by the judging of the competition which was:
‘A school photograph’.
Mrs Rachel Nicholson won the competition and Mrs Pauline Woolfenden was second.
Darkness had fallen by the time we went home to Caldbeck after a lovely, relaxing evening.

MAY 2011

Everyone was welcomed by Mrs Pat Shaw and the minutes were read by Mrs Bridget Archer. The County News was read and a minute’s silence held in memory of Mrs B Bateson who had been a County President and WI member for many years. Mrs Pauline Wolfenden agreed to become the bulb secretary. Bulb catalogues and forms will be available at the Spring Council meeting on Saturday, in time for the next meeting. The birthday party in June will be held at Mae’s Tea Room in the Old School at Uldale. Menus were available for members to choose the meal of their choice. Notices about the History Society book launch on Saturday 14 May were distributed and an invitation to Dalston WI was accepted.

After the business meeting, Mrs Shaw introduced Adrian Holme from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service who gave us an interesting talk about the Keswick floods. He explained to members that due to increased risk from flooding, members of the service had been trained to respond to situations where flooding had occurred. Much of the service’s work is now around fire prevention. Mr Holme judged the competition for a candlestick which was won by Mrs Archer, with Mrs Richardson, second.
Mrs Shaw then introduced Ms Pat Ackred who had come to inform members about proposed changes to the County Library Service. She explained that there would be a consultation period to which people could contribute. The discussion that followed was varied, interesting and lively!


Everyone was welcomed by Mrs P Shaw and the minutes were read by Mrs P Richardson. It was with regret that Mrs Shaw informed everyone that the quiz night that was to be held on Friday 8 April had had to be postponed due to lack of bookings for tables. She was pleased to be able to inform members of a donation of £100 that had been kindly donated by the Hesket Newmarket Fund. She asked members if they would think about any ideas for future fundraising. The County News was read. Mrs Shaw thanked the darts team for entering the competition. Unfortunately, Caldbeck did not reach the final this year.

The meeting in May will be about fire prevention and the work of the Fire and Rescue Service. At that meeting the menu will be available for the June birthday outing to The Old School in Uldale. Members will be able to select their menu and pay a £10 deposit.
Mrs Shaw then introduced our speaker for the evening, Mr Tom Moss, who had come to speak about the Border Reivers. He gave a very interesting talk mentioning various Border families who were involved during those turbulent times and showed photographs of pele towers and fortified farmhouses that are such a feature of our landscape. Mrs B Archer thanked him for giving us a fascinating overview of that troublesome era.

The competition for a toy farm animal was won by Mrs Shaw, with Mrs Bowen coming second. The draw was won by Mrs Bowen.

MARCH 2011

Mrs E Benson, Vice-president, welcomed everyone to the March meeting and Mrs P Richardson read the minutes from the February meeting. The County News was read. There were various notices including the fact that the NFWI ballot paper had been returned. Mrs T Richardson was thanked for devising and organising the quiz which had raised over £100 for funds. The winners were: first, M Hellon; second, M Scott; third, M Watson. Caldbeck WI will be holding a quiz night on Friday 8 April in Caldbeck Parish Hall and members were asked if they would donate raffle prizes.

Mrs Benson introduced our speaker for the evening, Mrs Rachel Nicholson, who is a member of our WI. She spoke about her life in Tanzania where she had lived for over 20 years. Her talk was most interesting as it gave us an insight into life there in the 1960s and 70s, in a country full of contrasts and beautiful scenery, illustrated with photographs she had taken when living there. Mrs B Archer thanked Rachel for giving us such an interesting talk.

The competition for an African object was won by Mrs B Archer, with Mrs K Davie, second. The draw was won by Mrs A Benn.


The first meeting of 2011 was held on Wednesday 5 January. Everyone was welcomed and wished a ‘Happy New year’ by Mrs Pat Shaw. The Minutes of our last meeting were read by Mrs Patricia Richardson and the County News was read by Mrs Shaw.

Mrs Shaw thanked everyone who had helped and who had attended the Over 65’s Christmas party in December. The afternoon tea and entertainment had been enjoyed by those who had attended.

Mrs Shaw spoke about the generous donation of £50 that had been received from the Hound Trails Association, and that she and Mrs Bridget Archer had attended the presentation of the cheque. Members were very grateful for the donation.

As the AGM was not held in December, due to the bad weather, this followed the business meeting. Mrs Pauline Wolfenden, Treasurer, presented the financial report which was adopted by the members. (Proposed by Mrs Joan Todhunter, seconded by Mrs Bridget Archer). Mrs Richardson, Secretary, read the secretary’s report, and Mrs Shaw, President, presented her report. She thanked members for attending the meetings and Mrs Roberta Bowen, who is leaving the committee due to other commitments. The remaining committee members agreed to continue. The president’s report was adopted. (Proposed by Mrs Wolfenden, seconded by Mrs Ashmore).

Mrs Shaw introduced our speaker for the evening, Mrs Debbie Harbach, who had come to speak about ‘Complementary and Alternative Therapies’. She talked about a variety of therapies and finished her extremely interesting talk by demonstrating a most relaxing upper back and shoulder massage.

The evening finished with a supper of soup and mince pies.