Caldbeck Thursday Club

Thursday Club Committee

  • Chairman: Mr John Wooler
  • Secretary: Mrs Lynette Ramsay 016974 78544

Reports of meetings

April 2016

Standing in for the scheduled speaker at the Thursday Club meeting on 14th April, Ron Davie spoke about four of the fascinating and very well known people that he had been privileged to meet during his time at the National Children’s Bureau in London in the 1960s and 1980s, eventually as Director. They were: Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, Margaret Thatcher and Dr Kurt Hahn (the founder of Gordonstoun School and architect of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.).

Ron had spent some considerable time with each of them on different occasions. He described these meetings and his personal impressions of the individuals. His final comments were on a discussion with Dr Hahn about youth services, Ron leaving his audience with the memorable words: “There are very very few occasions in life where I have felt myself to be in the presence of a great mind. This was one such.”


Everyone was welcomed by Mr. T. Ryan.

We held a minutes silence in memory of Mrs. P. Halliwell.

Mr. Ryan then introduced Mr. Ian Rousell who showed us slides and gave a commentary about The Tall Ships Race. Twenty-five percent of the crew were under the age of 25.

The ships sail from Greenock to Ireland and then onto the Shetlands. The crews have to unfurl the sails, climb the rigging and do all that’s necessary for the ships to voyage. The youngsters are very good workers and take an active part in running the ships.

The slides showed all the action together with the scenery in many weather situations from all areas of the ship.

This was a fascinating talk and M. Ryan warmly thanked Mr. Rousell.

Next month will be our A.G.M and the speaker will be The Rev. Malcolm Riches.


Instead of our usual meeting we visited the White Heather for our Christmas lunch.

We were very grateful to Mrs. E. Boydell for making all the arrangements and to Mr. W. Tyson for getting us there and back safely and on such a blustery day.

Our January meeting will be a Beetle Drive.

THURSDAY CLUB 10th November 2011

Mr T. Ryan welcomed us and read out the apologies from E. Boydell and P. Halliwell.

We then had a minutes silence in memory of Mr. LINDSEY BARKER and sent our condolences to Mina and family.

As Lynette is having problems in finding fresh speakers would someone please come forward and take over?

Mr. Ryan then welcomed Mrs Dianne Taylor who talked about the Carlisle to Settle Line. I t was, from the start in 1876, a very challenging undertaking as they struggled to obtain planning permission this difficulty was followed by many problems. The first sod was cut in 1869. In 1870 40 huts were erected and work started. There were countless accidents and many deaths including some from Smallpox.

Work took 7 years and the final cost was £3½ million and is now recognised as the most scenic route in the UK.

Goods traffic started in 1875 followed by a passenger service in 1876.

We are all grateful for the Friends of Settle for their perseverance in succeeding getting it re-opened.


We left Caldbeck at 11am to go to The White Heather at Kirkbride for lunch.

After lunch we continued along the Solway Plain passing through Anthorn, Bowness-on-Solway, Drumbrough, Brough by Sands and finally back to Caldbeck via Carlisle.

The sun shone brightly showing the scenery at its best and the smoothness of the water made the Solway look like glass. The whole journey was truly magnificent.

Mrs Eileen Ashmore thanked both Mrs Boydell and Mr Bim Tyson for organising such a lovely day.


The meeting was opened by Mr T. Ryan who welcomed the excellent turnout of 24.

He then introduced Mr David Ward who entertained us with his choice of Desert Island Discs (Kirsty Young had better watch out) starting with Bach (Sleepers Wake, Opening Chorus), followed by Loch Lomond, The Marriage of Figaro, Evensong for Ash Wednesday, Handel – Tolomeo (Did you not hear My Lady?),  Bach (This Day that is so Joyful – Organ Prelude for Christmas), Tom Lehrer – Irish Folk Song, and ending with the Boars Head Carol.

David’s one luxury: a Pillow. His choice of books being the complete P. G. Wodehouse.

Mrs Eileen Ashmore thanked David for an enjoyable and very entertaining afternoon.

Our next meeting will be on the13th of October at the White Heather for Lunch

MEETING JULY 2011 – This was a Members meeting

We were welcomed by Mr. T. Ryan and apologies were received from Mr. & Mrs. Ashmore, J. Wooler, Graham and Kate Farnell.

1.Mrs. I. Coultard: My life in Caldbeck over 56 years

I lived at Long Lea Farm house for 55 years at first there wasn’t any electricity nor an indoor bathroom. The outside facilities were very draughty. I joined the W. I. when there were only 100 members. I also joined many other organisations The Players, School Governor, the Parish Council to name but a few. I’ve had a busy life, Teacher, Farmer’s wife, Mother.

Mrs. L. Ramsey: Far from Cumbria to Japan. Japan subject to tsunami, earthquakes, storms, food, Sushi and Wines. Very hospitable on the surface and all very keen on Beatrix Potter.

Audrey Ryan Coincidences of God
Met Tony on Silverlow Grasmere both recently widowed and started talking.

Tony Ryan
Climbed this mountain to a beautiful village and met a lady. There are lovely villages round Watford, talked about a character.

Tony then thanked everyone.

There will be no meeting in August.  September: David Ward – Desert Island Discs

Meeting June 2011

Lost Sounds

Mr T Ryan welcomed everyone and there was a warm welcome for our speaker, Mr David Crosby, who had come to speak about ‘Lost Sounds’.  Mr Crosby re-records old tapes and records onto compact discs.  Although the original recordings are old, the clarity when recorded onto a compact disc was amazing as the scratches, scrapes and interference have all been eliminated.

The talk was extremely interesting and members asked many questions.

Mr Crosby was warmly thanked.

Meeting 12th May 2011

We went to Chollerford, travelling along the Roman road.  The scenery was amazing and we were all able to enjoy the journey despite the changeable weather.

We were provided with a lovely lunch at theGeorgeHoteland were able to walk along the pathway beside the river.

We travelled home through Hexham, Alston, Langwathby and Penrith.  Mr Tony Ryan thanked Mr Tyson for driving us through such wonderful places and Mrs Boydell for arranging a day that we had all enjoyed so much.

Meeting April 2011

Everyone was welcomed by Tony Ryan to the April meeting and a warm welcome was given to our new Associate Priest, Rev Malcolm Riches.

Details of the club trip on May 12th were given.  Mr John Wooler and Mr David Smith thanked everyone for the tokens that had been given to them for their retirement from the committee.

The annual quiz followed.  This year it was organised by I Coultard, J Stott, A Ashmore andE Sanderson.  An enjoyable time was spent answering the questions and the winning table was: Rev Colin Reid, Mr David Smith, Mrs Elizabeth Smith and Mrs Eleanor Benson.  Congratulations to these winners who will be compiling next year’s quiz!

A lovely afternoon ended with a cup of tea.