Caldbeck Area Film Society (CAFS)


  • Sally Vaux -Secretary, Telephone: 016974 78626
  • Stephen Hollins-Gibson -Treasurer
  • Tricia Nelson, John Stanyer, Lionel Bidwell, Poppy  Hollins- Gibson

Reports and Details of Films


  • Friday 28 March 20147:30 pm at Caldbeck Parish Hall. Academy Award Winner Film ‘Argo’, US thriller, Cert 15, 120 mins.
  • 15th February 2014: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’
  • 17th January 2014: ‘Life of Pi’
  • 29th November 2013: ‘Monsieur Lazhar’
  • 12th October 2013: ‘The Odd Couple’ 
  • 13th September 2013: ‘Quartet’


  • The November film was ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ with an Indian themed supper.
  • The April film was ‘How I ended this summer’ on Friday 20th April at 7.30pm, Caldbeck Parish Hall. An award-winning Russian thriller set in far NE of Russian Federation (subtitled), 124mins, Cert 12. Suspense and impressive scenery
  • The March film was ‘The Illusionist’, Friday 23rd March, 7.30pm in Caldbeck Parish Hall.
  • The February film was ‘Some Like it Hot’, with supper, on Sat 9th February.
  • The January film was Mike Leigh’s ‘Another Year’


CAFS begins the new season with an award-winning film showing at 7.30pm in Caldbeck Village Hall. There will be a short AGM at 7.00-7.15pm, which you are welcome to attend. Don’t forget the CAFS deal of a £20 season ticket or £4/ticket at the door.

The King’s Speech was released in 2010, has a (PG) certificate and lasts 119 mins. Please note there is a small amount of swearing, which is not gratuitous.

The Duke of York, (Colin Firth) is happily married to Elizabeth (Helen Bonham Carter) and has two young daughters. His overbearing father, George V, requires him to fulfil royal duties, which are an agony to the shy, stammering Duke. When his brother, the playboy Prince of Wales embarks on an affair with the divorcee Mrs Simpson and then George V dies, Bertie dreads the prospect of succeeding as King George VI.

The Duchess of York seeks the help of an Australian speech therapist with unconventional methods, Lionel Logue, (Geoffrey Rush). Please note that we will have English subtitles for those who struggle with the acoustics or are hard of hearing. Bring your own cushion, if you find the seats uncomfortable.

CAFS has a reciprocal arrangement with Keswick Film Society for membership rates for films. Please check Keswick Film Society’s website for their new season’s films (not available at time of writing)

The October Film is: Strangers on a Train. Friday 14th Ocotber at 7:30pm in Caldbeck Parish Hall: Classic Hitchcock thriller made in 1951 lasts 101mins. A chance meeting leads to murder and duplicity. 

Report on the May film: The Age of Stupid 

The title is a little threatening but it turns out to be a quote from a retired American oil engineer who decided to stay in his home although warned to leave as Hurricane Catrina approached. He was staggered by the extraordinary force of nature and, having rescued various neighbours including a baby, rethought the meaning of his life. While having no regrets for what he had done he felt that the world was not facing up to the extraordinary risks from climate change. Disasters such as the hurricane are becoming more frequest and weather has become more extreme, as everyone observes.

This may be because of long-term changes in the global  climate but it seems pretty certain that burning fossil fuels at an ever-increasing pace is making things a lot worse. Maybe people can adapt but not that quickly. Pete Postlethwaite, who narrates the film’s argument, feels that his generation (and that includes many of us watching the film) has grabbed whatever it could regardless of the well-being of our children and grandchildren. 

Whether wind farms and electric cars are enough of an answer may be in doubt but they are likely to help. The film suggests that the earth’s renewable energy should be rationed like food was during the Second World War. 

It was a thought-provoking evening, to put it mildly. Many thanks to Caldbeck Fairtraders for sponsoring the event and to CAFS for screening the film. Special thanks to Kathryn Rawson who made lots of lovely cakes that helped cheer us up after a chilling film.

Tony Vaux
Tel: 016974 78626