Parish Council News September

The Parish Council met on 31st July 2017.  The approved minutes will be posted on the website after the next meeting (4th September).

PCSO Kerry Harris reported on thefts of power tools and quad bikes, urging people to keep such items secure.  Farmwatch also helped provide effective protection.

Cllr Duncan Fairbairn reported that repairs to highways and stone work on bridges would continue, with a consequent need for road closures and diversions.  He highlighted the quality of work being undertaken, such as the B5305 resurfacing, which he trusted made any short term disruption a price well worth paying.  He also updated the Council on the extension of three bin waste collection arrangements to more isolated dwellings.  Not all dwellings could be accessed as lorries needed turning space.  In these cases recycling bags are available for individuals to take waste to recycling points.

Following the setting up of the County Council’s new administration, Tim Cartmell reported that the Parish Council is seeking an early meeting with the County Council and the Lake District National Park to discuss the proposed Caldbeck Hesket Newmarket footpath.

Tree and debris clearance has been completed at Newlands Bridge.  The Parish Council warmly thanks Paul Graham, Cumbria Tree Services, for all his work and generosity.

Lake District National Park volunteers are to undertake Hesket Newmarket pond clean up work before the end of October.  Trail running and cycling events are taking place in early September (Grand tour of Skiddaw trail running 2nd; Fell Beast cycling 3rd; Cumbria Way trail running 16th).

A Hesket Newmarket allotment remains vacant.  Invoices for rents for 2017, together with an amended agreement to reflect the wider qualifying area for allotment tenants, will be sent out shortly.  Alan Tyson and Alistair MacFadzean reported how impressed they were by their visit to the allotments earlier in the year and will see what can be done to renovate the allotment marker posts.

Following appointment of a new officer,  Allerdale Borough Council has highlighted its Community Led Housing Fund and is to discuss how the Fund might support affordable housing projects in Caldbeck at the next Parish Council meeting.

Please contact Simon Smith for further information:

Email: Telephone: 016973 71008


Volunteers are sought to keep our villages tidy.  Gone are the days when the County Council employed a lengthsman to cut verges and keep the road edges weed free.  The Parish Council seeks to coordinate the efforts of people willing to offer help.  Some individuals already keep certain areas tidy and their efforts are much appreciated.  If you are willing to help, contact a Parish Councillor or email  You will either be asked to look after an area convenient to you in your own time or be invited to join a small work party to meet now and then, as you prefer.