Grasscutting Tender advert, Caldbeck Parish Council

Tenders are invited for the 2017 vegetation control

and general maintenance of Caldbeck Green


 1. Cut/strim all area 1 around the pond twice a year including strimming ditches, identified on map, – June and August.

2. Paths, identified on map, to be cut to seats 3 times in May, July, September.

3. Thistles and nettles to be cut down.

4. Excess material to be removed off site including the grass strimmed from ditches.

5. Cut/strim all area 2 (Cornhill) twice a year – June and August

6. Cut path to corner and seat to the rear of the Police House (Cornhill House) 3 times – May, July, September.

7. Cut/strim all area 3 twice a year including grass removed from each gully.



Tenders are invited for the 2017 grass cutting

 and ground maintenance contract in

Hesket Newmarket

Areas included:

1.   Central grass plots, and verge from Smithy House to the Allotments – 12-14 cuts (1st cut April – weather dependent)

  1. Area round the car park – 4 cuts
  2. Area North from Rose Cottage to the Greenhill track – 1 cut in May
  3. Area within the boundary fence around the pond – strim twice.


Written applications for both tenders to the Clerk,

Elizabeth Clark,

15 Howgill Close, Bolton Low Houses, Wigton, CA7 8PG.

by midnight on Friday 24th March 2017, by post or email.